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Laser Hair Therapy

     Laser Hair Therapy Treatment program now. The latest technology to treat hair loss. The treatment of hair loss in both men and women. Without surgery, painless and effective.

     The current treatment for hair loss alone may not be enough to maintain your hair back to healthy, shiny black hair, the same as you treat hair loss with hair transplantation surgery. Coupled with can help me win up to 10% on the same technology is so new. To solve the problem of hair loss It may be important to get some help in the treatment of hair loss. And expected results


Hair loss treatment is done with a laser, which comprises a large number of LED lamps.

The beam can treat hair loss and deep into the pores. Skin and scalp thoroughly I give you back the thick black shiny and healthy again.

Laser technology is also a kind one. Include LED and laser hair loss treatment to two different species. These include:

Cold laser beam red wavelength 630nm.

Laser cooling Yellow beam wavelength of 580nm

Cold laser beam red wavelength 630nm (the 630nm red laser light).


Laser wavelength red light of wavelength 630 nm, cell metabolism and helps accelerate the flow of blood. The oxygen and nutrients to nourish the skin and penetrates deep into the hair follicle. It also inhibits the function of various substances that are harmful to the hair, such as a hormone is a major problem of hair loss and baldness, and accelerate the growth of hair. Strengthen the cells of the hair cells. Add thickness and elasticity I am black and shiny again.

The laser light of wavelength 580 nm yellow.


The laser light of wavelength 580 nm yellow resolves sensitive scalp itching, dry or scaly across. Including eliminates dandruff from the scalp exfoliation of dead.

And the performance of the two types of lasers are used to treat hair loss Dr.orn clinic also helps to treat hair loss as well. To nourish your hair and your scalp healthy. The confidence back for sure.

The benefits of treating hair loss by using LASER HAIR THERAPY.

– Increased strength and elasticity to the hair.
– Bushy black hair shiny, soft and thick.
– Restores hair growth better.
– Repair of damaged hair from the chemicals in the perm and hair coloring.
– Stimulate and increase blood flow to the scalp.
– Eliminates dandruff, dry scalp the skills it geneticist and itching.

The frequency of treatment

Recommended treatment 2-3 times, each time for about 30 minutes, the heat does not hurt the results, it can be clearly observed at 3 months after treatment. The treatment can be combined with other programs such as deep hair cell or mesohair.